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CRITICAL HIT Private(Overwatch)

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CRITICAL HIT ◎ Discover incredible power for tremendous value - INSTANT DELIVERY

Critical Hit is the best aimbot for the price on the market.
 Save money and time by going with our trusted company.

 We use a secret way to read memory data from the game, never modifying anything that could get you banned.
 The bot runs completely within the safety of the Windows Kernel and is currently impossible for Blizzard to detect.
All Windows Compatible

If you wish to buy Month or Week. PM me on discord (Only Bitcoin/Skrill/Visa & Mastercard and Paypal Friends and family accepted)

QQ图123_meitu_2.jpgVideos: soon

How to use (criticalhit)

1. run CH_Settings.exe as adminstrator

2. run Loader as adminstrator

3. log in with your own code

4. when the window appears click the check box and run overwatch

5. If over watch is running go into the practice range,
select the character, press Insert and wait 5 seconds

6. If ESP and AIMBOT work Cheat is injected normally

Good luck have fun !

For ESP to work you must turn ON Ambient Occlusion in your game's Video Settings and be in Windowed/Windowed Borderless mode.

To change settings 

1. Change settings
2. Click Save Profile 
3. Press f1 and complete

Q: Can you tell me how to execute the new loader in order?
A: Load CH_Settings.exe then open CRITICALHIT Loader.exe put your key and start.
Make sure antivirus is disabled.

(How to turn off Windows Defender)




(set up)
game_sensitivity = 2.35 <- type ur ingame sensitivity
relative_scoped_sensitivity = 38.0 <- type ur ingame scoped sensi ( Ahse , Widow , Ana )
flickshot_aim_fov = 0.08 < flick shot field of view - recommend setting it below 0.08
flickshot_enemy_head = 0x06 < type ur desired hotkey
flickshot_enemy_chest = 0x05 < type ur desired hotkey
flickshot_auto_unscope = false < legit feature if you want use it type true
flickshot_flickback = false < RAGE feature if you want use it type true
aimlock_aim_fov = 0.3 < tracking aim field of view - recommend setting it below 0.3
aimlock_max_distance = 40 < tracking aim distance - recommend setting is below 40
aimlock_enemy_head = 0x01 < type ur desired hotkey
aimlock_enemy_chest = 0x04 < type ur desired hotkey
aimlock_friendly = 0x00 < aimbot follows friendly (ex. anabot) if you want use it type ur desired hotkey
aimlock_smoothing_x = 15.0 < aimbot smoothed with higher values
aimlock_smoothing_y = 7.0 < aimbot smoothed with higher values
enable_esp = true < ESP on/off hotkey
kill_key = 0x79 < ignore it
my hanzo settings Please press the mouse 5 times while you click on the left.


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