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Buy 1 key access for 24 hours access to King. Make sure you contact Yuna on discord / forum or website chat if you have problem.

If you wish to buy Month or Week. PM me on discord (Only Bitcoin/Skrill/Visa & Mastercard and Paypal Friends and family accepted)

If you are tired of bad cheats, incomplete cheats or cheats with problems, lot of bugs/issue/downtime and much more then we are happy to present you King. King has some history as a private cheat but now is available for the Public at acceptable prices. The security in this cheat is Top Notch, perhaps even more secure than Aqua. King has also extreme customizable options and many features implemented such as No-Recoil. No-Sway, 2D Radar and many more including advanced esp and aimbot customization to make you feel comfortable and enjoy the cheating experience. Now let's get down to features should we?

Daily        5.  Euro 
Weekly   30 Euro
Monthly  80 Euro

King Features Explained:

• Very Advanced and Customizable ESP which includes Player Bone/Skeleton ESP, Players Health ESP, Players Distance ESP, Players Weapon ESP, Cars/Vehicles ESP, Death Corpse Loot, Airdrop Package, Fully customizable Item ESP including Medicine, Attachments, Armor and more. Also want to mention that every tab/option is highly customizable and you can set your favorite ESP Color for everything.

• Advanced Aimbot with prediction and a lot more settings such as Custom Fov, Aim Smoothing, Visible Target's only which aims only at targets that can be hit (it detects automatically when the target can take damage), Auto Switch Target's which can snap to another target that have more priority. The aimbot prediction is so good it can hit running targets from long distances and if you combine it with No-Recoil is the best aimbot in the market. There's also more customizable options for the Aimbot (See pictures below) including Max Distance, Aim Smoothing, Max Fov, Custom Aimbot key, Bone scan and more!

• No Recoil + No Sway (Safe to use). These feature removes the recoil completely from the game so the bullets will always go in the same direction as your crosshair, the weapon will not shake or sway.

• 2D Radar with purple square. The cool colors makesthe  Radar a lot more easy to understand (See the first picture below)

• Enable/Disable custom crosshair at choice

• Enable/Disable Spectate Count (You can see if someone spectates you, the number of deathcam spectators)

• Auto-Updater. This pubg cheat autoupdate it self ignoring the small pubg updates (Also everytime it goes offline for update, the time goes back to the user)

        (King)AC Video

Old videos come from when it's still private cheat,but it didt changed much 
What you'll see below is the latest feature













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